Engineering Mathematics


Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2021

  • Effect of Steel Fibers on Properties of Modified Reactive Powder Concrete

    Farah Saeed Rasheed, Khalil Ibrahim Aziz

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2021
    Pages: 1-6
    Received: 9 January 2021
    Accepted: 6 February 2021
    Published: 30 March 2021
    Abstract: This paper provides the result of an investigation to use of crushed brick as aggregates which was collected from the demolition waste of buildings from different sites then crushed with (maximum size 10 mm) in producing modified reactive concrete MRPC, which was presented by replacement the cementation binder (cement +silica fume) of original reac... Show More
  • Two Dimensional Advection Diffusion Equations in Unstable Case

    Khaled Sadek Mohamed Essa, Sawsan Ibrahim Mohamed El Saied

    Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1, June 2021
    Pages: 7-12
    Received: 12 June 2021
    Accepted: 29 June 2021
    Published: 9 July 2021
    Abstract: The aim of this work is to solve the diffusion equation in two dimensions to obtain normalized crosswind integrated concentrations using the Laplace Transform technique, taking into account that the wind speed is constant but the vertical diffusivity differs from the friction velocity and the Monin -Obukhov length. A comparison of the calculated va... Show More